Within the group of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) there are several situations where Adacolumn® is the treatment alternative offering unique possibilities.

Adacolumn patients

Although Adacolumn® has demonstrated itself to be effective in steroid naïve patients and with intense dosing prior to surgery, most experience to date is gathered from patients with moderate to severe IBD, who are not signed up for emergency surgery.

Most of the clinical experience is collected from Japan, where Adacolumn® was first introduced. European data has confirmed excellent results from these studies.

Patients with moderate to severe Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease have a response rate of approximately 70%. Fifty percent show complete clinical remission and the remaining 20% of patients, a significant improvement.

There is a need for alternative treatments for patients presenting with steroid refractory or steroid dependent inflammatory disease. This is especially the case with children, where the long-term effects, of even moderate doses of steroids, are undesirable. Adacolumn® offers this alternative.

Adacolumn® can also offer an alternative treatment solution in patients where additional treatment with immunomodulators and antibodies is undesirable (due to adverse events, lack of or reduced efficacy or anaphylactic reactions).

Many of the more than 300 patients treated in Scandinavia since 2001 have belonged to this category.

Adacolumn® offers a treatment option in many cases prior to surgery. These include (younger) patients in socially unstable situations, or where it is of benefit to avoid surgery (and its complications such as reduced fecundity).

Adacolumn® has shown similar efficacy when used for repeat treatment (maintenance).